Thursday, October 12, 2006

More on Gabby's Room

I just ordered the canopy hardware from Pottery Barn (the metal thing from which the sheer curtains hang). I'm getting so excited about Gabby's room, I thought I'd blog. For the record, they are currently sold out in the warehouse; I called around to a bunch of stores and finally found one in Kansas that still had a few left (they're currently clearanced at $5.95 each, plus shipping of course). The other thing I plan to do in Gabby's room is use an idea I got from designmom's awesome blog and paint flowers on the bedside wall (hopefully they'll turn out similar to those in the picture above--with pink as the background color of course). I'll then position a few fairy wallies around the flowers to give it a magical garden feel.


myartisfashion said...

Gabby is so lucky to have you as a mom, she's going to feel like a princess in that room! The top picture makes me want a couch like that.. I really like it.
Yay, I'm so excited to help decorate and see Gabby's room! Kaila, we have such good taste. It's like amazing. :)

Factotum said...

no kidding! Where did we get that from (j/k)? I just hope it turns out as good as these pictures. When I get started, I'll do a play-by-play with pictures on my blog of how it's going.

myartisfashion said...

I still need to see this all! I really want to see how bad the pink you've been talking about really is..