Monday, November 13, 2006

My Dream Kitchen (It'll have to wait)

I love the look of the two toned cabinets and have pretty much convinced Noah that we need them in our new house. We've priced them at home depot for about $3000 for a 10 x 10 kitchen. We'll do the antiqued white in a maple (Taupe glaze) and the dark wood in an oak (Peppercorn) which is much cheaper than cherry. We've already purchased the stainless steel fridge, but are waiting on the stove until our old house sells (it failed for the second time today so who knows how long that'll be). I'll probably get the stainless hood vent on ebay (I've seen them for as low as $250, which is about half as much as Home Depot or Lowe's and I don't so much care about quality, just the look).

I love this floor! Noah's nervous about getting the tile and wood level with each other (and we certainly won't be contracting it out), so I might have to wait on these floors until our next house--aren't they cool?

Because we're going to take out a wall in our new house that's bearing, we have to put in a beam that support the roof but still leaves room for an island. I like this beam. We might end up doing it in a high-gloss white because a) it costs less and b) I won't have to worry about matching the cabinets or wood floor if we go with the white.


older singer said...

What's the best skateboard? This is not for a toddler, but for a 15-year-old redhead. What's the best one out there and why?

Factotum said...

That's funny, when I told a certain 15-year-old about Alex wanting a skateboard, he gave me just that information (he just happens to be redheaded). He told me the best place is at DP in the mall (at least I think that's where he said you get them) where you buy the board, the wheels and the bearings separately. I thought it was funny this redhead thought a 1-year-old needed such a fancy skateboard, so I'm glad this information can be of use (Alex is getting a cheap toys-r-us model).