Friday, January 12, 2007

Am I a Dork for Loving this Game?

Noah and I may be dorks when it comes to gaming--we kind of inherited my brother-in-law's Nintendo Game Cube (thanks Zach) and the first thing we bought for it was Dance Dance Revolution (straight from the "you might be a dork if you own this game" isle). The following year, we were feeling especially dorkish and we splurged on Karioke Revolution (a family favorite). This year, after having a game night with some cousins, we (alright, probably more me than Noah) fell in love with Guitar Hero II--it may not teach you how to play the guitar (my brother, an avid guitarist, finds that as a major flaw) but you sure feel like a rock star when you hear your notes sound when you get it right. My favorite bonus feature is the star power (where you tilt the neck of the guitar up to get extra points and you really feel like you're jamming). The one problem with this awesome game is that it is currently only available on a Play Station 2, so Noah and I just may prove that we're complete dorks by buying a whole new game console just to play one silly game.

Update: We bought it. Good old Uncle Sam sent us an unexpected check (Hud money from the selling of our house) so we did the most unpractical thing we could think of and went out and bought the playstation 2 along with Guitar Hero II. We now just need one more guitar so Noah and I can jam together on the game--it's pretty cool, one can play bass guitar while the other plays a regular guitar, or you can both play the same type. Thank you rock'n'roll god and thank you Uncle Sam!


Henry Parents said...

Well, I am in the same dork class with you because I bought the Game Cube just for Zelda, and now I am seriously tempted to buy the wii just for some new Zelda action (plus they are pretty sweet).

I saw that game the other day at Best Buy and totally thought it would be up Josh's alley. He scoffed at it, as it wasn't "real" enough. I, however, am not a music snob and would probably dig it. It's no Zelda though.

You can usually find cheap used Playstation 2s - I say go for it! Consort with your inner rock'n'roll gods. It's healthy.

Factotum said...

Well, the rock'n'roll god just smiled on me today by having the government send us a check that'll cover the PS2 and the game, horray!

You have ALWAYS liked Zelda! I've never been able to get into it, however those wiis look so fun--is it true that they hold satanic powers strong enough that some of the hand-held thingies have gone through TVs and peoples heads or is that just a Sunday School rumor?