Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year, New Book

I have decided on the first book for my book club. Thank you for all those who made suggestions--it was hard to pick just one.
This month's book is C.S. Lewis's _The Great Divorce_, which can be purchased here, or at any major bookstore. I will be doing weekly spotlights on the book and will hopefully get Bruce Young (a renowned C.S. Lewis scholar) to give a guest blog. So there you have it. Hurry out and get your copy so we can have some great discussions!


older singer said...

HOORAY! I can't wait to read this again!

Bruce said...

The Great Divorce is a wonderful book! I'd be honored to do a guest blog (I'm the guy referred to on the announcement as a Lewis scholar). You'll have to tell me exactly what you want--how long, how to submit it, etc.

A lot of my effort will have to go into not saying too much. I want to let everyone have their own experience with the book, without too much outside interference--which is exactly how Lewis would have wanted it.

Henry Parents said...

Cool! Most book clubs don't have their own scholar to go with the reading!

Factotum said...

I try to go above and beyond