Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One Rockin' New Year

Last year, Noah and I started the tradition of going to Island Park (30 minute drive to Yellowstone National Park) with some of my family. The above picture is of the family cabin that was left in a trust from my Great Grandparents. We went sledding, cross country skiing, played games (including my personal favorite, chronology), launched rockets, attempted flying a model airplane with little success, had an ice/ snow sculpture contest and enjoyed long talks around the dinner table (with or with out food).
It took some coaxing to get Gabby to let go of herself and play in the snow but once she did, she found that being cold isn't half bad. Even Alex surprised us by wanting to walk all by himself for a quarter of a mile to go sledding (despite what this picture suggests, for the most part Alex was quite pleasent). For more pictures, visit flickr.


Design Mom said...

Great pics. We were super bummed to miss out on the fun.

Factotum said...

We were pretty bummed that you guys missed out too--it just isn't the same without the Ben-Blairs!