Monday, February 12, 2007

Back from Disney World

We are back from a week long stay in Orlando, Florida. It was fun but completely exhausting. Here are a few of the highlights:
We did not tell Gabby how to pose for this picture, she came up with it entirely on her own (taken at Downtown Disney).
I snuck around a corner and shot pictures of Gabby (on my Dad's shoulders) seeing the Cinderella castle for the first time--that made everything, even Noah's allergies, worth it--right Noah?
Alex really didn't care to see castles and Giant Mickey Mice--he liked the real animals at the petting zoo in the Animal Kingdom (they should call it a goat farm though cause that's all there was).
Alex's favorite day was by far the break we took from all things Disney to go to Daytona beach. I don't know that there has been or ever will be a happier boy than there was that day. He would run into the cold ocean water until the waves knocked him down, all the while laughing hysterically--he drew quite a following of onlookers.
For more pictures of our trip, visit flickr.


patiently waiting said...

I knew if I just asked, it'd all appear!!!

Zachary said...

That nephew of mine has good taste. Forget the overly commercialized land of giant rodents and facade of reality and go for the ocean! Glad you guys made it back safely. Love you all!

The Wright's said...

Oh how fun! Gabby fits right in with all the princesses! I love the different outfits for the different days - how fitting... Welcome home.

Factotum said...

Zach: after a week of it, Noah and I are right there with you and Alex!

It's great to be home.

Factotum said...

Oh, and welcome back from Maui Wright family--you snobs!