Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another Day, Another Party to Plan

While I'm still in the process of planning the baby shower for my sister-in-law, Julene, I've got Gabby's 5th birthday party to plan (Alex is also having a birthday but since he's only turning two I'm not bothering with a party).
Party Theme: Since Gabby has discovered that boys are twice the fun as girls (well, some girls still ranks up there with the boys but they're the exception), we're doing a Pirate party to accommodate her boy-friends.
Invitations: I was so inspired by the lemon head baby-shower invitations featured on Oh Happy Day it got me thinking about cute, unconventional invites for Gabby's party. So here's what I'm thinking--a message in a bottle. I'll put a little sand and sea shells in the bottle, along with a pirate map-style invitation (the one pictured is from Miracle Munchkins--although I want my invitations burned at the edges and kind of antiqued), top the bottle off with a cork and you've got yourself a can't-miss party.
What to do: my good friend Mirjam had a great idea when she did her son's birthday party by having them go on an elaborate treasure hunt where they got clues from neighbors and even a near by police station--how cool is that! While on the "treasure" hunt, the kids had to perform different tasks such as playing a soccer game. The treasure ended up being in a neighbor's backyard that the kids had to dig up. Check out her blog, she recently did the cutest Fairy tea party for her daughter Anouk--It made me wish we weren't inviting boys to Gabby's party.

I know the Oriental Trading Company tends to have mostly junk, but their party stuff is actually quite fun--and inexpensive. I love having crafts at my kid's parties, mostly just to fill up time so decorating pirate hats would be great ($9.95 for 12).

As for what to eat--what do pirates eat anyway? coconuts and whiskey? I might have to forgo the whiskey and settle on cake and ice cream with a tropical fruit tray or something. Ideas would be great!

After the pirate hat decorating, the treasure hunt, the eating of cake and opening presents, I might just pull out a slip-and-slide and have the kids "slide the plank." I'm also open to suggestions in the activity arena (nothing too elaborate)

Party favors: Oriental Trading Company also has little treasure chests ($12.95 for 12, which, again ain't bad). I'll probably put a little bag of those chocolate coins with the nasty chocolate inside (kid's don't care--it's a temporary sugar high to them) and call it good.


Zachary said...

Wow niece has a pretty great Mom. LOVE the message in a bottle idea.

Henry Parents said...

Oh man, I want to go to Gabby's pirate party! That sounds great. I was just trying to figure out what to do for Henry's in August. I think it will be a small soirée, but it's overwhelming to even begin to come up with something as cool as yours. Somehow I think eye-patches need to be involved. Oh, and Johnny Depp. Of course, he should be a part of everyone's birthday party (:

mexwrights said...

Cute party ideas! Pirates eat "hard tack", fish and legs of chickens. I don't really know this - I am not a pirate, but I have heard. Hard tack could be crackers with tuna fish or maybe chicken drumsticks. But if I were you, I would keep it simple. Maybe just do a stick with a couple of ham and cheese chunks. Or forgo the food and hand out candy then let their parent's deal with it...wait - are you inviting Jake? Leave the sugar out of it! :-)

Mom said...

Amazing! And to think I limited myself to Strawberry Shortcake parties when we could've invited BOYS and really had some fun!

Factotum said...

Henry parents: Johnny keeps ignoring my phone calls--jerk! He's really letting this pirate hype go to his big head!

Mexwrights: But I was planning on giving Jake one of those huge pixie sticks (along with pop, and a wide assortment of the cheap candy--smarties, tootsie rolls, dum dums)!