Monday, June 25, 2007

Thanks Design Mom!!!

In case any of you missed the comments a few blogs back, I won an awesome designmom giveaway! By the way, if you still haven't checked out designmom or sk*rt, you're totally missing out!

So back to the giveaway: Alex got this way cute shirt (I've already had complete strangers ask where I got it--totally cute cut, simple design, great color and fabric)!
I won this belt for Gabby--so cute!
I also won this three-tiered felt cake. Now I admit I was a bit skeptical about how fun decorating a felt cake would be (I knew the kids would be excited, but thought it would only last a few minutes and then they'd move onto a different, more generic toy). I was wrong. Even Alex my two-year-old totally loves decorating this cake--whenever I want him to stop hitting his sister, spitting his milk out at people, or knocking things down, I say, "hey Alex, go get the cake." And he stops what ever havoc he's creating and he and Gabby enjoy a quiet activity together. Hallelujah! Thank you Designmom and Twinkle-kids!

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