Monday, October 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

For some reason or other, I get really into Halloween. This year, I think I'm going to have a kid's Halloween party (since Gabby has a summer birthday, it's great way to meet her school friends).

Jen showed me the cutest invites (I'll get a picture of them and post some time) where you wrap the envelope in gauze, and hot glue two eyes and a little spider to it, thus creating a mummy. The insert was really cute too.

As we all know, Martha Stewart is the queen of Halloween. I recently purchased her Halloween magazine and found all sorts of cute ideas. Last year, we made the alien cupcakes--they turned out really well. I think this year, I'm going to try the mummy cupcakes for the party (to go along with the invites of course)

And of course there must be ice cream right? Directions for the jack-o-lantern oranges are here.
These pumpkin treat bags are another idea from the great Martha Stewart that I'll probably use for the party favors--love it! Of course, I don't know that I want to give out candy in the bags (there's a little too much of that going around on Halloween anyway, who needs more). I'm thinking maybe a popcorn ball, or pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (those aren't too sugary). any ideas?

This year, Gabby has decided to be Anastasia, so yesterday we went out and purchased a pattern (Simplicity #9902) and are using the sleeping beauty pattern, but we're altering a few things so it ends up looking like the dress in the picture above (I might have bit on more than I can chew on this one). For the record, I'm saving no money making the costume myself--fabric alone was $25 (and it was 40% off) and the pattern was an additional $8 (regularly $13). You do the math!


The Carter Family: said...

I love Halloween too! I am going to try and do a halloween party for my achievement day girls so I am looking forward to seeing what cute ideas you come up with! For more cute ideas you should see the family fun magazine-they had some cute ideas this month!

Henry Parents said...

Those are cute, I was thinking about having a playgroup halloween party, too. Very cool invites. I'll have to get Maddy on them, since she is my official crafter :) I think Mr. Henry is going to be Charlie Brown this year. It shouldn't be too hard to make the costume, and he's got the perfect bald head for it. I just bought supplies to make caramel apples with walnuts and white chocolate, oh baby, get down!

I heart the fall (but what is up with the ninety degree weather?!)

mjby said...

You are amazing!!! And you're going beyond what your own mother did, because you're putting in a zipper!! I loved gathered waists.

queenvickitoria said...

I was wondering if you still had the Simplicity 9902 and if you are willing to sell? I've been looking for this pattern for forever! Please email me at queenvickitoria - removethis -

Thanks a bunch!!