Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Calling all Lifferths!

Spread the word: Noah and I have reserved my family's cabin in Island park, Idaho from June 19-22 (Thursday-Sunday) and we're again inviting all the Lifferths to join us. The cabin sleeps about 22 on beds (more can of course take the floor). We had a great time last year and hope you can make it.

Island Park top ten:
  1. Go rafting or tubing on the snake river (a 2 minute walk from the cabin)
  2. Go 4-wheeling or dirt biking
  3. Go to Yellowstone (20 minutes away from the cabin)
  4. See Wildlife
  5. Go to Bear World on the way there or back
  6. See Big Springs (the starting point of the Snake River)
  7. Go hiking
  8. Do nothing
  9. Play Guitar Hero, and Karaoke Revolution
  10. The cabin is free

I need to get a count so we can make meal assignments and figure out sleeping arrangements so if you'd like to come, comment with your email address so I can send you directions on how to get to the cabin along with any other information.

Old Faithful at Yellowstone pictured above

This is a picture of the main building of the cabin taken this last January. There are two other buildings on the lot: a bunk house and a "honeymoon sweet."


rsheedy said...

Sweet! The Sheedys would like to join the party...although we won't be there until Friday evening...but it looks like fun!!

Gretch said...

I want the "honeymoon sweet"

No really we will have family in town and won't be able to come...so Sad! It sounds like a ton of fun. You should just head up to our house from there after your weekend of fun to have some more fun in Spokane. :)

Smiley Family said...

Sounds like fun! Our family is going to Island Park in August, but who says you can't go twice in one summer? I'll talk to Brian and see what he thinks, but I would love to go!

The Carter Family: said...

Sure sounds like a lot of fun! However, I have girls camp that weekend-maybe we can come next year!!

The Wright's said...

Oh, that sounds tempting! How long is the drive?? I would like to come.

Factotum said...

The drive is about 4 1/2 hours from Orem

myartisfashion said...

haha Mish would like number 8! I want to come if I can, I haven't been to the cabin for so long. I'm not a Lifferth, though.. not sure how exclusive this is.