Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alex's Super Power Wardrobe

Alex has recently become concerned with his appearance and no longer allows me to pick out his clothes (I thought it was just a girl thing). He has named his favorite shirts according to the super powers he gets when he wears them:

Super Power Shirt #1: "fast shirt"

Ability: enables the wearer to run at lightning speeds, also goes well with a red hat.

Super Power Shirt #2: "Basketball Shirt"--this shirt could be deceiving because there is no indication of it being remotely connected to basketball, but Alex saw through it and was able to discover its power.

Ability: Wearer is able to jump high, run fast and shoot baskets with absolute precision (up until now, only the NBA was aware that these shirts even existed)--look out Michael Jordan! Note: this shirt should not be worn with the red hat.

Super Power Shirt #3: "Fighting Shirt"

Ability: See invisible bad guys, sword swiftness, gun shooting accuracy, and increased cockiness (note: wearer may say to his grandma, "I want to fight you"). Wear with caution, not with the red hat, since it already has a hood. I was unable to find Alex's "jumping shirt," it's probably in the wash, but you should see how high Alex can jump when he wears that!


Julene and Gabe said...

lol! I need to get me some of those shirts!

The Wright's said...

Where do I find those!! I need some! He's so cute.

Gretch said...

I LOVE it! Alex is too funny! (Where is 'the tilt' in the pictures) I'm glad you blogged about this so we can forever remember these awesome shirts!

Smiley Family said...

What a funny kid! Boys are too cute. I can't wait until mine starts threatening me with his super powers!

I am super impressed with your #1, running a 5k and #2, wanting to do it every month! Impressive.

Also, that is one kick "A" toaster!