Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today I'm feeling very grateful, and I just wanted to share with you why:
1. After hearing that there was a tsunami warning in Indonesia while my husband happened to be there, I'm grateful that the tsunami didn't hit (I'm also grateful for cell phones so I was able to talk to Noah--in Indonesia--and tell him not to play in any big waves).
2. I'm grateful that Noah is home and I got to plant a big kiss on his mouth the second I saw him.
3. I'm grateful that this morning when the kids woke up at 7:30 AM, Noah was there to put a movie on for them so I could sleep in a little longer.
4. I'm grateful that when Alex started throwing tantrum at Gabby's soccer game that Noah was there to escort Alex to the car for a time out.
5. I'm grateful to have an amazing husband who shares my love of traveling, who built me a house, renovated another house, who let me have a green kitchen even though he hated the color, who likes the same movies and music that I like, who is down right HOT, and who assisted in giving me 3 beautiful children (and lets face it, they're really REALLY beautiful).
6. I'm grateful NOT to be pregnant (sorry Gretchen, just 2 more weeks right?)
7. I'm grateful that I am able to fall asleep again (and get a deep sleep until I'm awakened by a starving Oliver).
8. I'm grateful that I no longer feel like I've been riding a horse for the last 9 months.
9. I'm grateful for everyone who helped me (or who offered to help, or who called to check and see how I was holding up) while Noah was away.
10. I'm grateful that my car is running and that I didn't get any flat tires while Noah was away (No, I still don't know how to change a tire despite who knows how many attempts on Noah's part to teach me).


Julene and Gabe said...

I'm glad Noah's back and you could get some well earned rest! You are a strong woman, but you can only take so much!

Gretch said...

YAY! Noah is home! Glad he is back to help you.

Henry Parents said...

I am SO happy you are finally sleeping again! You must feel like a new woman.

Whew, single parenting with three kids (one being a newborn) sounds rough. Looks like you handled it well, though.

Bruce Young said...

You're amazing, Kaila.