Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bathroom Cleaning Fails as Disciplinary Tool

Noah and I are re-working our disciplining tactics due to the fact that time-out is NOT working--you heard me Super Nanny! And I don't like spanking (it doesn't make sense to me to spank a child that just hit someone in order to teach them not to hit). So we're using manual labor as a way to instill a work ethic in our kids and get the control back, particularly at bed time. Yesterday was manual labor day, take two.

Enter Gabby: As sweet as she is, that girl can throw one mean stare and last night it resulted in her having to scrub the bathroom floor. I warned her that if we had any more disrespect, it would result in her having to clean the toilet too. She got right to work and really didn't put up much of a fight until it was all clean and I told her to put the scrub brush away. "BUT I WANT TO CLEAN THE TOILET TOO!" I surprised myself by responding with, "not tonight Gabby, you can clean the toilet another time." But Gabby persisted. "NO, I WANT TO CLEAN THE TOILET RIGHT NOW!" At this point, Noah jumped in and questioned why I was arguing with that. He handed Gabby the toilet brush and she went to work.


Smiley Family said...

Haha! So funny! It reminds me of my grand mothering moment when I told Ashlyn that she could not have another piece of candy until she ate a cookie! (I had just made a new recipe and she wouldn't try one)

Julene and Gabe said...

Wow! Send her over to my place the next time she misbehaves!

whitney said...

Gotta love those logical Lifferth men. I mean, really, why wouldn't one let their grade schooler scrub the toilet? ;)