Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crafty Kids

Gabby's piano folder has recently become inadequate due to the fact that she passed off the first level and now has more books (that's right, Gabby is now in Alfred 1B and will soon pass up her own mom's piano abilities). So there has been a need for a music tote bag. A few days ago, I even went to the local music store to purchase one, but they didn't have any I liked. And then it occurred to me that Gabby would probably have way more fun making her own bag. So off to the craft store we went to purchase a plain tote to stencil and paint.

I made a stencil of a treble clef and some notes and Gabby used her artistic prowess to apply puff paint.

Alex got to paint a manly blue apron.
Tote bag/ blue apron painting was a success, with the exception of:

  1. Two blowouts (Alex applied to much strength which led to puff paint disaster)
  2. Alex let his creativity wander off the apron and onto my table (my own fault for not first lining the table with news paper)

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Morgan said...

i found your link on the phs website... hope you don't mind me stopping by your blog!
you're kids are darling. i can't believe how much your little gal looks like you in that top picture!
hope you are well!
now i know where you are, i'll stop in now and then, instead of waiting for an update from your mom at church...