Thursday, October 02, 2008

Announcing My Next 5K

This could be you:

The next 5K I will be running in will be the Halloween Fun Run on Saturday, October 25th at 7:00 PM in American Fork (starting line at 454 N. Center). Here's the link. Grab your running shoes and come along. I'm going to try to beat my time and YOU while I'm at it!
By the way, I'm compiling a list of awesome running songs for Noah to put on my MP3 player (I know, he does everything) and I wanted to get some ideas. Carol posted her list here. So far, my list (to add to Carols) includes: So What --it's a good angry song (Pink), Pork and Beans (Weezer), Black horse and the Cherry Tree --killer beat (KT Tunstall), High School Never Ends (Bowling for Soup), Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm), and Lose Yourself--yeah, I know it's in Carol's list, but I'm in agreement that this is an awesome running song (Eminem).
So what are your favorite running/ angry songs (they're synonymous in my book)? Just so you feel free to share, know that my own mother's favorites include Centerfold (J Geils Band) and the Hallelujah chorus.


megan said...

I'm game.

I think.

Zachary said...

Hey...I never gave you permission to use that picture of me running through the water.

Mom said...

You are THE WOMAN!!!
Of course, I have been swimming a mile a day several times a week, so I don't think I'll join you in the triathlon. I should mention that Michael (your brother, not Michael Phelps) beat me during four separate races. So my workouts have not made me terribly fast.
I am appalled that you would use the Centerfold song to run to, but it does have a really good beat.
Here are my suggestions:
Layla (Clapton)
Bon Jovi ("Living on Prayer" and "Shot Through the Heart")
Petula Clark: "I Know a Place"
"Joyful" from Sister Act II
"Our God is an Awesome God"
Lots of songs by Live
"Eye of the Tiger"
"Jackie" (Blue Zone)
"And She Was" (Talking Heads)
And definitely, Handel's "And He Shall Purify"
For cool down, try Roy Orbison and anything by Rogers and Hammerstein--especially "When You Walk through a Storm" from Carousel. If your workout has made you nauseous, these songs really help with cleansing.

Julene and Gabe said...

You mean running a 5k makes you turn into a man? Or is it just when you run a 5k through the water? I'd better look into that before I decide anything. I think Gabe likes me as a girl. ;)