Thursday, October 09, 2008

Oliver's Chins

Oliver has grown a little in the last six weeks. Oh, and you can now officially call me Bessy.

You may think the double chin pictured above is yawn induced--wrong.
Also, in the spirit of Halloween, Gabby decided to go with the Jack-O-Lantern look this year by losing one of her front teeth (I helped a little by brushing her teeth vigorously, thus causing the tooth to fly out of her mouth and catch air).

Apparently we have a Singaporean tooth fairy. Gabby was left ten Singapore dollars, which at the rate the American dollar is dropping will probably be worth more than ten U.S. dollars by morning.


Maren said...

Gabby is one beautiful girl! wow!

Maren said...

I wish I had fat babys! Oh well.

Zachary said...

What a cheap tooth fairy!