Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Today I'm being lazy. I slept in. The house is a mess. I'm ignoring the laundry. I'm blogging. And it feels good.

Last Saturday though, I wasn't lazy, so that makes up for today right? Last Saturday, I started the morning off with my third 5K. Noah snapped the picture BEFORE I ran and I wore makeup. I'd say it's an improvement on my last 5K picture.
Then Gabby and I went to Color Me Mine and made a princess mirror (Gabby loved it). Now I totally want to buy a ceramics kiln for the craft room in our next house.
Now I'm going to unlazify myself. I'm going to pick Gabby up from a birthday party. Then I'm going to finish the laundry I started last night (I'll probably have to re-wash the clothes in the washer or they'll smell like mildew). Then I'm going to do the dishes that are stacked in my sink. Then I'll make the beds with clean sheets. After that, I'll sit down to dinner with my family and enjoy french dip sandwiches, followed by putting my angels to sleep. Then Noah and I will...

... eat ice cream

Then again, maybe I'll just ignore all of the above except the ice cream.


Zachary said...

Have fun "eating ice cream". Please don't ever, ever share the details.

Morgan said...

i do believe every mom is entitled to lazy saturdays.
you look hot in your 5k attire by the way. way to go.

The Wright's said...

Wow. I never noticed just how much Gabby looks like you!