Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Day at the Park

So, in responce to Gretchen's comment, I'm posting some of my favorite pictures I've taken with my camera (one of them happens to be of her daughter, Paige). We took our kids to the park when she was in town last week and I couldn't resist snapping away at the priceless photo ops. If you live in Utah Valley and haven't had a chance to visit the new park in Orem (South of the Wal Mart) you need to get there! It is huge (for a Utah park), with an awesome garden, pond--with fish I might add, a playground of course, a fountain (so bring your swim suit), and a circular swing set that can be pulled around.


myartisfashion said...

I love these pictures!!!!
I have such a beautiful niece & nephew. And you have such amazing photography skills.

Factotum said...

Thanks Jules! It's pretty easy to take good pictures with a nice camera and really cute subjects though. When you have kids (in 10 years), I'll buy you an SLR camera.