Thursday, October 05, 2006

For starters

I'm Kaila: classical singer, voice teacher, and mother of two amazing children (Gabrielle, 4 and Alex, 1). I recently graduated with my bachelor's degree and am now wondering what to do with myself--why not blog?

So, for starters . . . my husband and I recently closed on our second house and plan to begin moving in this weekend. I'm now completely in a decorating mode and found inspiration in a house that was part of Utah's parade of homes. It was decorated in a vintage style with lots of black and white accents and splashes of reds and greens. I loved it! So now I know the style I want to decorate in, the next step is to hunt down the furniture and accents for my new house, from chairs to dinnerware, on a reletively tight budget (with the occasional splurge for that perfect item).

Item #1: Dinnerware from Target


Design Mom said...

Hooray! A new blog!

The plates are fabulous.

older singer said...

I heard rumors that your husband shops at Deseret Industries. Surely this can't be true. Now here's my question: Have your children ever complained about your singing? Have they said, for instance, that everyone on the block can hear you when you sing? If so, how do you cope? If not, just wait. When do you fit your singing in? I like to sing while doing dishes. I especially like to sing the Triumphal March from Aida while I'm vacuuming. It makes it seem so much more significant.

Factotum said...

yes, my husband shops at thrift stores (don't tell him about this blog okay?--j/k) Gee, I can't imagine being criticized for my singing, but your kids were probably right, I think all the neighbors could hear you :)

Gretchen said...

Seriously how do you have time to do all that you do! I'm truly amazed! Lets see more of all the great pictures you've taken! :-)

Factotum said...

The truth is I love my kids, but they can drive me crazy. I have to have creative outlets to keep my sanity and remember that there's more to me than changing diapers and cooking dinner every night (not that those aren't important). Don't worry, I'll post more pictures, I have this great one of the cutest little girl named Paige :)