Friday, October 06, 2006

More on the Table Setting

I purchased these wine glasses at T.J. Max (a favorite store of mine), but you can also find them here. So my complete table setting will have the Target plate on top of Pier 1 Imports Eclipse Charger (for some reason the link isn't working but you can go here and do a search). I'm now on the hunt for black and white table napkins and a large green (think granny smith apple green) ceramic vase for the center piece.


older singer said...

I am quite certain that Big Lots has table napkins in black and white--or maybe it's black and orange. Depends on the season. Failing that, you can buy large white napkins almost anywhere (I prefer Big Lots) and use black napkin holders. I would guess that "Everything for the kitchen" would have black napkin holders. If not, you could buy wood ones and paint them. I also find that if you simply leave wood napkin holders outside over the winter, they will have turned black by spring.

Factotum said...

Thanks for the advice!