Sunday, October 22, 2006

Last Time I let a four-year-old choose her room color!

I made the HUGE mistake of letting Gabby choose the paint color for her new room. I took her to Home Depot on Friday and she of course found the Disney paint collection. Once Gabby saw the pamphlet with the princess room on it, she was sold--"I want that pink but with fairies, not princesses." The color we got was "Pretty in Pink" but after painting her entire room, I'd say Disney needs to rethink its outcrop into paint and just stick to movies. It is AWFUL! The horrid pink glow emanates into the hallway and can be seen from the living room. I am really hoping once I get her bedding and curtains in that the pink loses some of its pinkness, if not I think I'll do a surprise paint raid on the room without telling Gabby.


older singer said...

This is a direct fulfillment of prophecy. I happen to know that Kaila's mother once predicted that because she (Kaila) hated pink so much, she was destined to have a child who loved pink to death. Ta dum!
(Kaila's grandmother used to tell her that pink was really the only color she should wear, so of course she never wore it.)

Factotum said...

It's true! I've often laughed about that. I don't know where she came from, but I have to say that pink is starting to grow on me (after all, it is my color).