Thursday, October 19, 2006

New House: The Makeover Begins

I wish I could say this is the before and after of my new living room, but it's not. The first picture is indeed of my new living room, though it was taken before we moved in so the furniture is not ours. The second picture was taken at my favorite house during Utah's Parade of Homes and is of the living room I would like to have. The decorator of the second room used the paint color Candle bark from Kwall-Howell for the walls and I am using the same color on mine. My favorite thing about the professional living room is the set of Houndtooth chairs--aren't they cool--but alas I haven't the room. I'm thinking of having Noah make a bench with a cushion for our bay window that I could cover with houndstooth fabric. The couches I will be putting in the room are a beige canvas (I'm on the lookout for black and white accent pillow). I don't have a cool fireplace in my living room, or house for that matter, but I will hopefully get my dream piano (an ebony Yamaha Disklavier) soon that can take its place.

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