Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Old Neighborhood Redeems Itself

One of Provo's best kept secrets is Startup's Candy Company. They have the best chocolates and old fashioned candy, and they deliver nation wide. Even though I pretty much grew up in Provo, I didn't hear about Startups until I moved into the house we're now selling. We live about a block away from the candy store, which has been all too convenient. Every Valentine's day, Noah gets me a dozen of their chocolate covered strawberries and I'm telling you, they are the best! Last year, for some reason, they didn't make them so I got my fix at Kara's Chocolates--what a disappointment (I don't think the strawberries were fresh and the chocolate isn't anywhere near as good as Startups). You can read all about the candy store's history on their website, but here's the nutshell version: It's been a family operated company since 1824 (5 generations) starting in Manchester England and later moving to Provo, Utah of all places. They "invented" the first filled candy bar, called the Opera bar (so you know it's good) and the predecsesor of the breath sweetener (Magnolias, a.k.a. perfume candy--not my favorite, but interesting).

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