Friday, November 10, 2006

Alex's Room

Even though I won't be starting on Alex's room for a while, I might go ahead and buy this collection from Target. I don't know if it's the actual collection I like or just the tent that fits on a twin bed--how cool would that be for a little guy to sleep in a tent every night! I've never really been into the whole rustic decorating scheme before, but for a little boy, it might be kind of fun. As far as paint goes, if I buy this collection, I think I'd probably do a neutral beige color on top with green chalkboard paint on the bottom (maybe with some stenciled evergreen trees at the top of the green so it looks woodsy).

There's something so exciting about decorating kids rooms for me. I have such fun memories of my yellow room, growing up, with the canopy bed and matching curtains. I want my own kids to be able to look back and remember loving their childhood bedroom, where a good many of their first memories will have been.

So what ideas do you have in regards to kids' rooms--what do you remember about your own childhood bedroom(s)? Do you like this tent idea, or do you foresee problems? Should I wait until Alex is a little older to fork out money on a bedroom set in case he ends up hating it? That's a lot of questions, feel free to pick and choose the ones you respond to.


liz said...

I love the shade of brown- I am incorporating brown into my son's room now and it's so much easier to accessorize the room! you can paint any cheap wooden frame from ikea or target to match the brown and get a wooden wall shelf from michael's and paint it brown.

Factotum said...

Yeah, I'm definately sold on the brown idea--thanks.