Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fantastic Wrapping Paper

So while I was getting my daily designmom fix, I was looking through the holiday cards that were discussed today and stumbled across this great wrapping paper (you should all know by know that I am a sucker for all things houndstooth--above picture). I think it would look awesome with a lime green or red (pink for Gabby of course) ribbon tied around it. Update: I bought it, the price was right and I just had to have it ($11.01 after shipping for a 24" x 96" roll). Now if only I could find that in a fabric!
I also love this Aqua Geo paper (If you're not the online shopper type, I saw a similar wrapping paper at Expedex just today--the houndstooth though I'm afraid is only available online here).

I guess my love for wrapping stems from when I worked at Mervyn's in Customer Service (the department that wraps presents--not to boast or anything, but I got pretty darn good at it). When my wrapping paper arrives, I'll give a wrapping 101 on my blog.

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