Monday, November 27, 2006

Decking the Halls and Other Christmas Traditions

Thanksgiving is over and I'm getting ready for Christmas! Today I went out and bought some nice garland at Target to put on our banaster--it's so fun to have a nice wooden banaster during the holidays. Our tree is up and decorated (sitting right in front of our bay window, which I love) and we're just waiting on Noah to get the lights up outside.

One thing I love doing every year really started with my mom; we each pick out an ornament that represents something that happened during the past year. It's so fun to get out ornaments each year that actually relate to something personal. Today, I took Gabby to the Halmark store and we each picked out an ornament. Gabby got a pink Barbi and the twelve dancing princesses ornament (I'm still trying to figure out how I'll relate that to an event this year) and I got the new home ornament. I'm also on the look out for a graduation ornament, Halmark didn't have any.

Another tradition that started with my mom was having a special breakfast Christmas morning of egg McMuffins. With my own family, to make the tradition our own, we make "Chirstmas crepes" where I make lots of filling options and everyone can choose what they want.

So there are a few things we like to do each Christmas, what are some of your own traditions you have around Christmas time?


Design Mom said...

Love, love the new home ornament. What a wonderful tradition.

Factotum said...

Thanks! It makes it so fun to reminisce when you take out ornaments and think "oh, remember when . . ."

older singer said...

Christmas traditions? Carolling, of course--especially for people with degrees in Vocal Performance. It would be unthinkable for somebody actually TRAINED in singing to not share that with her neighbors.

Factotum said...

I love that tradition, however there are certain members in my family that wouldn't be caught dead carolling to neighbors and I won't be soloing, that's for sure!