Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gift Wrap 101

As promised, I'm posting tips on gift wrapping (I got my awesome paper in the mail and am ever so pleased).
Mostly seamless wrapping: to get a seamless edge, instead of taping the paper on the bottom of the gift, wrap the paper around the box and on one edge, bring about an inch of the paper over. Crease the paper, fold it over, put DOUBLE SIDED tape on the folded edge and tape it to the side (above picture)

This is a picture of my hidden seam--you don't see the tape because it's on the underside of the paper--tricky eh? The rest of the wrapping process is about what you'd expect, so I won't elaborate on it.
Tada! The finished product. I got the ribbon and the gift tag from Target (they're apparently not available online so go to your nearest store). At Mervyn's, they like using ribbon with the wire in it (the kind you use to trim your tree). Another thing they do that's fun is, instead of gift tags (or in addition to), they'll tape on silk flowers (for a wedding), baby rattles (for a baby shower gift) or little toys.

Hope that made sense--it's harder than I thought it would be to explain gift wrapping.


older singer said...

Who does your nails?
I think your giftwrapping is amazing. But lately, I've been buying those bags. So what's more fashionable? Also, please display those scary photos of your mother so people can be grateful they had nice mothers themselves.

Factotum said...

I hired a hand model for the pictures (not really). I love the bags too, but for Christmas when you have young kids, they're a bit of an easy access don't you think? You sure you want those pictures circulating? They might come in handy for me some day (: