Friday, November 17, 2006

House Face-lift

This is a picture of our "new" house--it couldn't be any more ordinary, but I love it (mostly for the neighborhood). I never pictured myself in such a cookie-cutter and even though there's nothing wrong with the exterior (other than it's completely unoriginal), I'd like to some day give it an update. My criterion is this: I don't want Noah to have to take on too much structural work (we've already been through that and it was awful), I'd like something that won't break our bank, and I want something that's up-to-date and eye catching. Example #1: I found this house while visiting Kako (it's just down the street from her). This would be very doable. We'd do rock work on the lower half and side the upper half in an earth-tone (we could also stucco but we'd have to hire that out). Noah is planning on boxing in the car port and making it a garage (it'll be for one car though) so that'll happen regardless of what else we do. Putting up the eave above the garage and front door won't take too much work (comparatively speaking of course). I also like this house plan because it doesn't look like every other rambler you see around--it seems more classic to me.

I'll be continually posting on new house face-lift options as I find them.

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