Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Picks for the Day

My good friend Mirjam (whom I've mentioned numerous times) gave me heads up on this great website for fabric called reprodepot. They've got some of the coolest fabrics I've seen and they're all in one place. If you're looking for fabric, look no further--they even have my much sought after houndstooth! The fabric pictured above is from their Japanese imports section.
I got the new Land of Nod catalog (from Crate and Barrel for kids) the other day and have decided to jump on the silhouette bandwagon with everyone else. You can send your child's photograph (a profile obviously) to The Land of Nod and they will create a silhouette with either this pink background, or a blue one with birds for boys. It costs $69 unless you do it yourself, which is of course what I plan to do.
I also love these wallflowers ($29 for 26, can't beat that!), also from the Land of Nod. I've been looking for something to put above Gabby's dresser and these will fit perfectly.

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