Friday, January 19, 2007

Vintage is Back!

If you haven't already seen Target's new line and you like 60's vintage, I suggest you head over there. They've got an awesome Global Bizarre with design inspiration from throughout the world, very cool! I absolutely must get this vintage style mirror to put up on a wall (haven't decided yet which one).
I like this mirror table. Maybe if I didn't have kids who love jumping on end tables I'd get it.
CB2 is also getting in on the black and white scene. I just got their new catalog and I quite like it. Check out these pillows. Just waiting on Noah to invent something that makes us rich.

Here's another favorite of mine, also from CB2. I think it would look pretty swell in my living room.


older singer said...

How can this possibly be vintage if I remember when it was in style back in the 1960s?

Factotum said...

hmmmm, no comment.