Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Birthday Dilemmas

Noah is turning 30 years old on Saturday and I'm facing some dilemmas: First of all, we're not even going to be here this weekend--I found my dream piano (Yamaha Disklavier) and we're going to California to get it. You know you married an amazing guy when he builds you a crate and volunteers to drive 28 hours (there and back) on his birthday to pick up your piano--what a man! Originally, Noah was going to go it alone, but we have since decided to leave the kids with family and have a fun weekend to ourselves in San Fransisco.

Dilemma #2: My kitchen is gone and the remnants are taking up the space in the living room so even if we were here, I couldn't cook Noah dinner and we certainly couldn't invite anyone over. Our new cabinets arrive Monday and will hopefully be in by next Saturday; however we don't yet have our counter top. Do I dare invite people over next weekend to celebrate?

I'm going to go ahead and start planning a surprise party (Noah rarely checks my blog so I think I'm safe making this public). First of all--any ideas? I'll keep you updated on what I come up with but I'd love some suggestions.


older singer said...

Now that you have a new piano, I think the birthday party should be a set of arias dedicated to Noah.

Factotum said...

Nice--I'll consider it!

Bruce Young said...

A question and some suggestions:

(1) How was San Francisco?

(2) Maybe Noah could take another of his tests while the rest of us party.

(3) Seriously, we'd love to get together with you guys.

(4) Finally--when is the next "Book Group" discussion going to start? I wonder if you might want it to stretch into April? By the way, I've left a couple more comments on My Name Is Asher Lev, in case anybody is still thinking about that book.

Factotum said...

I'll post on the new book this Monday (hopefully)