Thursday, March 08, 2007

Back to Reality

Noah and I got back from San Fransisco early Sunday morning and I'm still struggling to get back to my regular regime, partly due to the fact that we've completely ripped up our kitchen and are in process of putting the new one in.

Our weekend getaway was awesome, even if most of it was spent in a car. I got to see San Fransisco for the first time and the weather was beautiful. We walked around the city for a good five hours--walking from the piers to the cable cars, to China Town, up Lumbar street and back.

We got fresh sea food at Fisherman's wharf and discovered that fresh oysters are slimy and mucous-like. Noah discovered that he is more allergic to fresh shellfish than to non-fresh shellfish (he reacted almost instantly but after about an hour he was fine).

I got my dream piano and am so happy with it I can't wait to start teaching voice lessons (just a few). I did feel a little guilty about having such an awesome un-birthday on Noah's actual birthday and was quite relieved when he happened upon a sailboat for sale that was in excellent condition and priced at about 1/5 of what it would have cost in Utah (yay Noah)! Speaking of Noah's birthday, I let the cat out of the bag regarding the surprise party (I'm no good at surprises) to ensure he got what he wanted. We've now decided to go to my family's cabin in Island Park in a couple of weeks with some friends (I still need to contact them) to celebrate.


older singer said...

Well, since Noah doesn't read your blog, I'll say that I finally ordered his birthday present.

Factotum said...

Oh great, you're only a week and a half behind!

Bruce Young said...

Reality--an interesting concept. Anyway, I'm truly glad you were able to go to San Francisco, a beautiful city and one I've really enjoyed visiting. (Also, the setting of the great TV show Monk.)

About Noah's birthday: maybe we can do some celebrating when I come to administer his next exam--and we can bring our present if we haven't already.

older singer said...

We haven't already. It's in the car. But I was thinking, Hey, his birthday was so long ago, I should just save this for next Christmas.
Hmmm. Still thinking.