Monday, May 07, 2007

Where to Shop

I am one avid bargain shopper--but not the kind that will settle for junk to save a few bucks. I am of the mind set that if there's something I can't currently afford, I'd rather have nothing until I can afford the very thing I want. Example: my living room is rather sparse right now and is lacking a coffee table/ ottoman and a console table--for which I already have the lamps. Now here's the thing--I had an end table and coffee table but moved them to my basement living room because they don't really go with my decor anymore, but I'd rather go without than go with something I don't feel looks fantastic. I'm now saving up until I can go out an purchase a nice black ottoman and a black console table (I don't think furnishing are ever worth going in debt for so that's out of the question and don't even get me started on renting furniture--blah)!

I would venture to say that I have relatively expensive taste, however I can never justify spending unreasonable amounts of money for items that will surely go out of style within a year or two (I'm quite certain Noah would back me up on this one). So how do I go about getting high quality products at super deals? I learned how and where to shop (there are some benefits to having little or no money for a space of time).

If you like name brands and you don't mind sifting through some junk, I highly recommend Ross, T.J. Maxx, and Burlington Coat Factory you can always find Ralph Lauren products at a fraction of the price at Ross and TJ Maxx, fun home accessories at Burlington Coat factory (in addition to coats and average priced baby furniture and supplies). I recently bought a pair of authentic Gucci sunglasses at Ross for $30 (more than I usually spend on sunglasses, but I have a hard time turning down a deal like that when the original price is $200). I bought Gabby a pair of Ecco shoes for $15 (regular price: $65)--I tend to buy all shoes at the above listed stores, because for the same price of Payless shoes, I can get nice shoes that will last (that alone makes it an even better deal than paying slightly less for cheaply made products). Toys are another thing that you can always find Ross and T.J. Maxx (some at Burlington)--they often times carry specialty toys you can only buy from certified toy stores such as Red Balloon, but again it's hit and miss (but usually hit).

I'll continue this conversation tomorrow--feel free to leave your comments of where you bargain shop.


Mom said...

BARGAIN SHOP??? I wouldn't dream of it. I often wear my shirts backwards so people can see the Ralph Lauren tags. I have a note in my front room indicating that the room features Armani designs. I have another note on my door which says, "Please remove shoes. The carpet is imported llama and very sensitive to dirt." (Llamas really are sensitive creatures.) The centerpiece on my table says "Polished maplewood from Vermont, designed by Stella McCartney." (Bruce insisted we have something from Paul McCartney's daughter.)
I am an absurdly wealthy writer and I want the world to know it. I didn't work all these years just to shop at Big Lots and DI.

Mom said...

Oops, I meant I wear my shirts INSIDE OUT. I only wear them backwards if they're silk.

bruce young said...

(I think you wear them inside out AND backwards so people can see the tags face to face.)

To Kaila: Hurray! Another blog post. I've been checking in and waiting.

By the way, have you read the beautiful blog essay by Mom? Click here (and check for Julie's comment) or for a version with pictures (including a really cute one of Mom), here.