Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hello Again

We've had one crazy summer so far and I've pretty much occupied every spare second I've had with reading, as opposed to blogging (sorry). Here's an update: we went to Noah's uncle Bud's ranch / resort for the 4th of July.
This is a picture of Gabby and Alex with their cousins, Paige and Charlotte taken at Bud's "gold mine".
This is Uncle Bud's train (plans are in the works to build a railroad that circles part of the property).
Gabby had her 5th birthday--she changed her mind about the whole pirate party thing when Jacob got on her bad side by playing with other kids when school got out. Instead, she went for a princess party just so he wouldn't come (she's a bit spiteful for a five-year-old).

I made my first fancy cake--yes it's supposed to be tilted-- (I got the recipe and instructions from the Whimsical Bakehouse Cookbook--highly recommend it)
We had quite the party (Gabby had about 8 friends, and an additional 4 girls from mine and Noah's Sunday school class that came to help out). Yes I know the rule that suggests you invite however many kids that your child is old (5 in Gabby's case), but with all the kids in our neighborhood, how do you avoid hurting feelings? I thought this picture was so cute of Gabby opening her present--she had quite the day! for more pictures, visit flickr.


Garry Wilmore said...

I'd say Gabby bears a striking resemblance to you at about that age!

Zachary said...

What a wonderfully adorable set of kids, more specifically the three girls and the boy at the top of the posting:)

Factotum said...

I'm pretty sure I wasn't quite as cute as Gabby is, though thanks for the complement Garry.

I totally agree with you Zach!

mom said...

For the record:
Kaila hated pink (which her grandma Fox said was the only color she should wear). I told her that someday, she would have a daughter who would wear nothing BUT pink.
Kaila's birthday parties:
Rainbow Brite (Buffy helped me make the cake)
A major event after 6th grade, where every single person she knew (female) came to our home
A birthday party where we made clothespin dolls, using angel hair for the hair. (I hadn't realized angel hair was made of fiberglass and could hurt little fingers. Typical. Put that in the "Horror stories of my mother" file.)
Baskin Robbins birthday cakes--chocolate, as per Kaila's request.
I remember Buffy helping me for several parties, and me helping her for several of Adrea's. Sweet, sweet memories, all the more precious for Buffy's absence. Buff was WAY better at doing birthday parties than I was.

Carol said...

The part about not being able to not invite every kid on the block indicates a strong genetic factor. You really are Blair.