Friday, August 10, 2007

What I've been Reading

Like I said in my last blog--this summer (well, July and some of August) I have filled just about all of my spare time with reading (not blogging), so I thought I'd share with you the books I've read just in case anyone's interested.

I of course read Bonds that Make us Free (July's book of the month), which again everyone should read. It was absolutely incredible. Just out of curiosity, has anyone else finished it yet?
I read Blood Brothers by Elias Chacour, which Bruce recomended to me. I wouldn't call it a fast read, but I found it completely fascinating. It goes into the details of the unrest in the middle East while following its author, Chacour (the first Palestinian to earn a degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem who believes that Jews and Palestinians can live in peace), as child through adulthood.

Next, I found Khaled Hosseini's latest book, A Thousand Splendid Suns at Costco and had to buy it after what Wendy said about it being better than The Kite Runner (is that possible?). It was again another book I could not put down. Up until reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, I had never cried while reading a book, but this book broke me--it was absolutely heart wrenching, possibly more so than The Kite Runner. The book goes through the lives of two women whose paths start out very differently but become entangled by circumstance. It is not a feel good kind of book, however it had a profound affect on me--when Noah and I lived in China (2001), we bordered Afghanistan during the time that a portion of this book was written and I was completely oblivious to what was happening so close, and to how different my life was in comparison to the women I neighbored. It sure made me re-examine a few things. It was a brilliant book, though I still prefer The Kite Runner, however I am so glad I read it.

After A Thousand Splendid Suns, I took a bit of a break from the life-changing novel and read some fun no-brainers:

Harry Potter VII: Just because: who didn't. It was fun, filled a lot of the gaps that some of the previous Potter books hadn't and it brought into question for me--why are these books such a big deal? I mean, don't get me wrong, they're fun and J.K. Rowling got a whole lot of kids reading, but what is it about this story that made it a world-wide sensation? It's honestly beyond me.

Twilight: this is the part of my summer reading that I'm honestly embarrassed by. After a bunch of people told me that I had to read it, I picked it up (again at Costco). The premise is that a girl falls in love with a vampire (I know, I know, I go from reading Khaled Hosseini's brilliant novels to a mild harlequin romance novel). To be quite honest though, I was hooked! I am quite the sap apparently but I could not (and did not--ask Noah) put it down until I had read it and bought the next book in the series, New Moon (which I also couldn't put down and stayed up till 5 AM to finish). Apparently these books are quite the national sensation (the author, Stephanie Meyer, who graduated from BYU, was interviewed by Good Morning America, will be featured in People Magazine, the books are #1 national best sellers and Twilight is in discussion to become a movie). You can download excerpts here to see if you're as much as a sap as I was. The third book of the series came out just last Wednesday, Eclipse (finished that one in a day as well), and every book store in Utah Valley (but BYU--thank goodness) sold out in the first half hour. At Barns and Noble, they had even sold books that had been reserved for months (there were a lot of unhappy people). So, if you're up for a supernatural love story that will not make you a better person, but will keep you entertained (and slightly on edge), look no further.


Rupper Family said...

I'm glad you liked the Hosseini book-good huh!?! Sheesh, you've had some good book time Girl! I'll have to read some of your titles-I haven't been deep in a book for too long.

mjby said...

For the record--I did not read the Harry Potter book. Haven't read any of them. And I am embarrassed to say that you are ahead of me in your reading. I have a stack of "to be read" books. Meanwhile, I'm making earth-shattering documentaries. So are you doing any documentaries?

Factotum said...

Nope--no documentaries. And you have to remember that I'm making up for a lot of lost time--I've been reading text books for most of my life, I finally get to read books that I'm interested in!

mjby said...

I think we should do a competition for the most boring textbook. I nominate Michael's history book for this semester. I'll find a paragraph later just to share.

Carol said...

I just ordered Bonds and Twilight. Thanks for the suggestions. Also, my RS is having a book club and are reading Book Theif, do you still have my copy?