Thursday, September 27, 2007

A New Blog for Waistline Watchers

So since 2 blogs isn't enough for me to do, I've decided to add a third (and because I'm so good at keeping this one current). I didn't want this blog to become a weight loss blog and nothing more, so I now have a blog that is strictly about what I'm doing to lose the pounds, so if you're in the same boat, check it out at


The Carter Family: said...

Hey, Kaila! It is your cousin (by marriage!)-Ruth! (Y'know-Sandy's daughter-hopefully you remember me!) Anyways, we are back in the blogging world now that we got our DSL and can actually post pictures-so now I am checking out everybody's blogs and commenting on them-it is fun! But, I wanted to tell you that I have a weight watchers cookbook that I bought on ebay and have never used, let me know if you want it and my parents are going up there this weekend so I could send it with them and they could figure out how to get it to you! Good luck with your program! I did it a few years ago and had good results-but then I got pregnant again and haven't been motivated to do it again since I hate tracking points all day. But-you will do great! Anyways, let me know about the book. Oh, and you can check out our lives at!

Factotum said...

Sure I'll take the book--thanks!

Mom said...

Oh dang it! I created a whole new google account so I could post on the WW site (and I love the snack suggestions), but now I can't remember what my username is and it won't let me post.