Thursday, October 18, 2007

More on the Halloween Party

I need to get a picture of the mummy invitation that I mentioned earlier. The one pictured above seems easy enough (I'm all about easy after the baby shower) and very kid friendly, after all, this is a kid party.

As far as what to do . . . I like to start kid's parties off with a craft (keeps them quiet and they can work on it as the other kids trickle in). I'm thinking play dough creatures would be a fun, unisex activity (and it would be in line with my budget if I make the play dough myself).

After all the kids finish their creature, we'll do a cotton ball relay race where the kids are in 2 groups and race to transport cotton balls ("ghosts") from one bucket to another using a spoon.

And then it's on to the donut on a string game (or bobbing for apples--is that sanitary?) where I'll hang donuts on a tree by a string and have the kids eat them without using their hands (this is one my mom did at my birthday parties and it was always a favorite). I'll probably use mini-donuts to avoid an immediate sugar high (Gabby is quite sugar sensitive).

Following the donut game, we'll have the snacks I mentioned in a previous blog along with apples slices, oranges and carrot sticks.

If I have time, we'll do "pin the hat on the witch" or something like that.

I still haven't decided exactly what to put in the party favor bags, but I'm thinking along the lines of a craft to do at home, a glow stick, and maybe one treat. I'm planning on having the party last 1 1/2 hours.


The Carter Family: said...

Your party sounds really cute and those invitations are darling! I was looking for games online the other day and found a couple that I am going to do for the Achievement Days game has one child leave the room while you put a sheet on another child, then they come back in and have to figure out who the "ghost" is. Another one is that you put 4 Halloween pictures in four different corners, turn on music, when it stops, they have to pick a corner. Without looking, you holler out a corner and that whole corner is eliminated. Keep on playing until one person wins! Good luck with your party!

The Wright's said...

You crack me up - since you are on a roll, just do mine as well!! :-) Can't wait to party-hardy!

Factotum said...

Those are really cute ideas!
Jen, how about I just show up to yours instead :)

Gretch said...

You're so created!! What fun ideas you have. I'm sure the party will be a hit!

I'm glad that the shower knocked some sense into you...he he he, just kidding. Simple is always better.

You're the best!

Mirjam said...

We are so excited already. We will have Liams baptism on another day after all, so your party is the event of the day...