Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Survived Another One

I didn't get a whole lot of pictures from the party (we had 14 kids show up, that probably has something to do with it--how on earth do you keep parties a secret from the entire neighborhood?!) Overall, I'd say it went pretty well. It was awfully chaotic, but what kid's party isn't? My mom reminded me of my own 6th grade birthday party where I invited my entire 6th grade class (30 some odd kids in one modest house), which right there makes my mom a candidate for canonization.
This has to be my favorite picture from the party. Note to self: tie ribbons from the tree (or swing set) before the kids arrive. It's no easy task to do it with 13 eager kids waiting for their turn.
Kids everywhere--I nearly lost my head (and forgot a few essential things, such as plates, napkins, the apple and orange slices, the carrot sticks, and giving the kids a glass of milk to go with their cupcake--all of which I had, just forgot to pull them out).

What I would change: I would go with about 6, maybe 7 kids next time (stick with either the neighborhood friends or the school friends--not both). On top of the chaos, the games (we did the "guess who's the ghost" game and the cotton ball relay race ) were nearly impossible because of the limited space and the kids not all being familiar with each other.

What went well: I think the kids had fun and it was a good memory for Gabby. Decorating the cupcakes was a success (they didn't all turn out like the pictures in the Martha Stewart magazine but what kid is going to stick to a template when there are bowls of different candy lying around)? The party favor pumpkins turned out really cute and were super easy. I put a homemade carmel popcorn ball in each which filled the bag, but were easy on my budget. Overall I spent about $30 on the entire party--not bad!

By the way, Gabby's costume turned out so well! You got a hint of it in this blog, but I'll do a whole post on it tomorrow when her hair is done up.


The Carter Family: said...

Wow! 14 little kids! I had chaos with 14 big kids, I can't imagine them being any younger! However, your party looked great and the treat bags were super cute! I can't wait to see the full costume!

The Smiley Family said...

Looks like a success! Don't worry about forgetting the apples and oranges, it's Halloween! If your going to let kids splurge on sweets and forget the healthy stuff, it might as well be now :) And I can't believe you did it all for $30!! That is awesome!

Gretch said...

Looks like another successful party. You should go into a party planning business! :-) Your a great Mom to want to do these kinds of things for your kids. Way to go!da