Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Alex's Room

So my mind hasn't really been on blogging lately. Noah had the laptop for two weeks on a business trip which really stunted my writing, but on top of that, the holidays just equal craziness in my life (craziness that I don't necessarily mind).

During my blogging break, I painted Alex's room (I'm doing a skateboard theme, yeah I know he's only two but this kid loves skateboards), so I'm going to share some of my inspiration, though I won't post the actual room until I'm satisfied.

The main inspiration came from the magazine Domino, which I subscribe to and the room included which is pictured above. The walls are painted with Benjamin Moore Calypso orange and Providence Olive. I even purchased the lantern (which really makes the room) at Ikea for a mere $7. When I finished painting, Noah was a little worried about how vibrant Alex's room was (it is very bright, especially for such a small room but when I'm finished, I think it will be really cute).

Currently Alex still sleeps in his crib, but we'll be moving him up to a bed before too long (Ikea has a simple white bed similar to the one above with drawers for $179 that I've got my eye on)
As far as bedding goes, I love the camo duvet cover above (available at PB Teen) that will really bring out the khaki color on his wall, and lessen the orange.
Another thing I'm going to be doing to tame down the walls a bit (and make them a little more geared towards Alex) is paint skateboarder silhouettes, like the one pictured above, on one wall (I'll be painting 3 silhouettes, with the center one just slightly bigger than the other two, it being directly above Alex's future bed). To do this, I'll be enlarging the pictures with a projector (courtesy of Santa), outlining them with a pencil and then carefully painting them in white.
I love these skateboard shelves (available at PB Teen, though I'll probably just be making them myself and save roughly $45 each)
I'd love to put this bed-side table in the room (available in orange, also at PB Teen), but alas at $250, something truly dramatic would have to happen with our budget in order for us to spend that kind of money.
To top the room off, I'm going to have a couple pictures of Alex (on a skateboard) put on a canvas (you can send pictures into Pottery Barn Kids, however I'm sure I can find a less expensive alternative--I'll keep you posted).


Gretch said...

Yippy, you're back!

So I love what you are going to do to Alex's room. As always, I know you'll do a fabulous job. I can't wait to see the finished project! Good luck!

Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure I saw a knock off locker side table/shelf at Target. Check there?

Max Power said...

Monica here. I saw locker type stuff at Ikea last week. This stuff: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/collections/12041/

Or try searching PS Cabinets on ikea.com

Factotum said...

Awesome, thanks guys!

Zachary said...

What is it about Alex that makes him so adorable? Seriously. Can his uncle teach him to skateboard yet? (Not me...Gabe)

Amelia said...

Hey there! We haven't seen you guys in forever! We might have to make another pilgrimage this spring. I know that Sam's club prints stuff on canvas -- it would be worth checking out!

whitney said...

I love, love, love it! All of it, in fact. Especially the paint-you doesn't love bright paint! You're just so darn creative and you put us all to shame!

myartisfashion said...

I ordered domino's catalog, I'm so excited for it to come! Also, did you know Pottery Barn has a catalog for outdoor design now too? I ordered that catalog too, thought it would be fun to get ideas from.

ManhattanLoft SLC said...

So I'm obviously a bit delayed on the whole blogging world...forgive me! It was great to see everyone at dinner last night! I saw that pic you have of the room you want for Alex...it made me think of this new section we just added our website "Modern Kids" we have yet to link the Eames Molded Rocker to the kids side but its there...and so cute! Anyhoo, you might have some great ideas for other kids stuff to add...any thoughts, I'd love to know.

Have a lovely weekend...let Noah know i've emailed Jordan about the job :)