Thursday, November 08, 2007

Halloween pictures and Christmas Preview

I now get all of my kid's pictures taken at Target. They recently switched to a hand-held SLR camera and the pictures are fantastic, not to mention affordable ($3.99 with a coupon per sheet for color pictures, $15 for specialty pictures like black and white or sepia)
This is a great shot to show off the dress I made for my little princess
I love this shot with Gabby looking at the details in her dress (those took a long time)!
This is our little cowboy Alex (I managed to get him to wear the whole getup by bribing him with chocolate--see his left hand)
While we were there (and since Gabby's hair was all done), I had them get the kid's Christmas pictures as well.
I love the simple portraits--without the crazy backdrops and props. Less is more when it comes to kid's pictures, at least for me. I'm a big fan of the black backdrop.
This picture just captures Gabby and Alex's relationship.
This is the picture we'll be including in our Christmas card this year. I'm trying to be on top of things and actually purchased the cards last month from Downeast Home (the cards are originally from Gumps). For more pictures, visit flickr.


Zachary said...

Dag Burn! I have some cute nieces and nephews.

Gretch said...

Gabby and Alex are so stickin cute!! Love the pictures!!

The Carter Family: said...

I love the pictures-they are sooo adorable! And the dress you made is absolutely amazing-what a lot of work you put into it!

rsheedy said...

What cuties you have! You are so talented...I can't believe you made that dress. Amazing!

Nathan and Esther said...

Those pictures are great! I absolutely LOVE the dress. You are amazing. Hey I have a you want to finish it! haha just kidding. You have some totally cute kids!

whitney said...

Gabby and Alex have gotten so big! I can't even believe it! I love, love, love Gabby's dress. You're so talented! I'm so glad I found your blog. Feel free to stop by ours...ok, mine... anytime!