Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Look what I did!

The day I thought would never arrive finally did. On August 20th, we welcomed Oliver Wallace Lifferth (all 9 lbs 5 1/2 oz of him) to the world at 8:14 PM. Noah probably won't like that I'm posting a picture of Oliver when he's covered in goup, but I am in love with this picture so I'm posting it. This was taken right after my midwife handed me my HUGE baby. I was just in wonder that I'd been carrying him for the last 9 months--I don't care what anyone says, even though he's my third, the miracle of it all is still indescribable. I keep tucking him up in a ball trying to visualize exactly how he did fit in me--no wonder people thought I was expecting twins (note to readers: don't ever ask a woman if she's expecting twins, and don't ever say "you look like you're ready to have that baby any day" when she's only 7 months pregnant)!
This is my awesome midwife Cathrine who delivered Oliver and prevented me from tearing, even though I delivered a 9 lb + watermelon.
The proud and very brave dad Noah who got to witness another miracle, when he'd rather have sat in the lobby and been invited in after it was all over. Not once did he say "oooo gross"
Gabby falls in love with another brother (I think she's forgotten that at first she really wanted a sister).
"I like this baby" says Alex
We now have a family of 5--wow that sounds big!
Check out those cheeks! That was one tough head to push out-- my babies insist on coming out with beautiful ROUND heads and refuse to cone (great for pictures, bad for delivery).

The things I don't want to forget about delivering Oliver:

  1. Helping to pull him out (I know that will probably disgust a few, but it was amazing)

  2. My worry when the midwife said the cord was loosely around his neck.

  3. Being handed my son for the first time and being worried because he wasn't crying and he was a little purple--after the nurse sucked out his nose and mouth though, he let us know that he had a good set of lungs.

  4. Noah's concern that he was a little purple

  5. The sound of his first cry and how it relaxed every nerve in my body.

  6. The nurses all placing bets on how much he weighed after we got our first look at him (8 lbs 10 oz or under was the general consensus)

  7. The gasp of everyone in the room when he was placed on the scale and the numbers read were 9 lbs 5.4 oz

  8. Noah holding his second son and being so proud of his role in the whole thing (Noah liked to remind me every time I'd whine about being pregnant that when he was doing his part, he didn't complain)

  9. Being able to watch the Olympics while he was born (we don't have TV at our house, so that was an extra bonus)

  10. Telling Noah my new bra size when I got fitted for a new nursing bra and having him say, "can I tell the guys at work?" I said no.


Max Power said...

He's a cutie!

You didn't tell me about most of those things on your list, but I was there for the Olympics watching. I've got a few pictures of you all turned to the TV, ignoring that sweet little guy in your arms! Of course, most pictures have at least one family member gazing adoringly at Oliver.

rsheedy said...

Congratulations!!! I can't believe he is so big; you are such a trooper! And I love your list, what a great idea. Item number 10 is postively hysterical.

Crazy Lifferths said...

What a cute little, well not little, fella! I remember seeing Alex when he was a few days old, and thinking he was big! He's got nothing on Oliver!! You look so cute and all ready to go in your pics, I looked nothing of the sort! I love your reason 10 on your list. I was always wishing I could have my nursing chest with my one year post baby body, didn't happen!

Zachary said...

That list is awesome. I am so glad that Oliver is ok. I am very excited to meet him. And the pictures of Alex holding him are my favorites.

Gretch said...

Noah Noah! No wonder he never complained about "his" part of the pregnancy-what a guy thing to say. #10 is a riot. Oliver is SO cute all 9+ lbs of him. I'm glad he is finally here and healthy!

Julene and Gabe said...

He is such a cutie! And i am jealous at how good you looked after having him!

Seth said...

That is so cool that you helped pull him out!! I would love to do something like that with baby #2. You look so cute! And Mr. Oliver is so sweet, it almost convinces me to go ahead and take the plunge for number two. Almost :)

Your uterus must have treated Oliver, well. 9.5 lbs! That's awesome.

I will call you soon, hope things are going well and that you are sleeping!

Henry Parents said...

Hey, that last comment from Seth, was actually from me, (Adrea). That would be kind of weird if my brother-in-law left that comment.

Daniel Olson Family said...

Cute baby, cute pictures! We are so happy for you to have baby #3! We'll need to get in touch sometime soon, and see this new precious little one!

whitney said...

Congrats! Congrats! What a BIG little cutie! I'm very impressed w/you not tearing! You can throw some of that my way if you want (I had a 3rd degree tear w/Georgia and I'm petrified of it happening again:P). Love #10 on the list, by the way-so funny and oh-so-true.