Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Updates

So while there has been a whole lot to blog about, I've remained silent, partly because things have been so busy, and partly because Noah has forbidden me to blog about certain things until a future date. But here's the low down on the things I can discuss:
Pictured above is Uncle Bud's cabin, I use the word "cabin" loosely. Bud owns pretty much an entire mountain along with 5 buildings. Check out our shabby accommodations below.
Yeah. This is why I'm willing to drive 6 hours one way being 7 1/2 months pregnant at the time (by the way, my induction date is set for August 20th--less than 2 weeks away).
Noah and Alex went 4-wheeling (Noah took me for a mild ride as well)
Gabby shows off her motorcycle skills to her crippled cousin Jack
Gabby turned 6 (and starts 1st grade in just over one week). If you're worried you missed a big party, you didn't--we went pretty low key this year, giving me a valuable lesson: party or no party, the end result is the same--Gabby still turned six and had a smile on her face.
We went camping at Yuba lake with some of our favorite people--thanks for the invite Jen! We had a blast until the wind came up while we were sleeping and kept collapsing our tent. Luckily, I don't sleep much anyway, so I was able to hold the tent up a good part of the night. Over this last weekend, we went camping again with cousin Cody and his wife Ream at 10,000 feet, in hopes the elevation change would put me into labor. It didn't, but the kids did catch some fish so it wasn't a total loss.
Gabby (wearing a shirt I think I shall now retire) and her catch.
Alex, who nervously held onto the line with the flopping fish at the end, may not look nervous, the only reason being that my camera came out and he had to do his famous head tilt along with a killer smile.


Zachary said...

The Alex and Camera combination is one of the funniest things ever. Such a cute kid. Holy Cow...Gabby is getting tall! Time to retire the shirt. That picture makes her look like she is from Orange County.

Amelia said...

Forbidden topics?!? You got my attention!

Factotum said...

I think you already know about the forbidden topic (I just can't blog about it)

Gretch said...

So August 20th huh? That is great that you see an end date. How are all the forbidden topics going? Maybe little Oliver will come sooner if he gets his pbk bedding. Hope you're feeling as good as you can at 9 months! Love all the pictures and it sounds like you've had a busy/fun summer.

Kako said...

How fun! The pictures are great and I am totally jealous, especially of the dirt bike. Oh, and the "cabin."

whitney said...

No wonder it was worth the 6 hour (one way) drive-it looks like a fabulous place! Love the pics, your kids are just getting so big!

Eeek!-I just realized you're being induced tomorrow (if you haven't already had Oliver by now)! Good luck! I'm sending loads of good vibes your way!