Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jump Rope, Carnival and No Carpet

We discovered after having a few too many collisions that a living room in not the place to jump rope, particularly when the weather is so nice outside!
A happy jumping boy.
Today we enjoyed Gabby's school carnival. Our favorite activity was building and launching rockets (above, Noah helps the kids build their paper rocket)
Gabby's rocket went farther than anyone else had prior--that's what happens when you have an engineer for a dad.
And this, well I couldn't resist snapping this shot. We ordered new carpet about a month ago, but it's been on back order, scheduled to arrive this last Monday. Noah decided to take up all the carpet in preparation for the installers coming. I just got a phone call today saying they won't be installing it until next Friday. So tonight, Noah grabbed the most comfortable seat in the basement (the pink hippo chair) and watched a documentary.

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