Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prayer Answered

The answering of last night's prayer for more patience came in the form of a disposable camera that Gabby brought home from school with the assignment to photograph 2 different patterns. Sounds easy enough. So we found our patterns on 1) a piano keyboard and 2) Gabby's curtains. Mistake #1: I pulled the camera out in front of Alex (the "budding photographer"). Fast forward 5 hours. Alex is for some reason getting into Gabby's back pack. I inquire why. Alex evades the question. Mistake #2: I don't think Alex is up to any mischief--it's so unlike him. Mistake #3: Noah and I fail to notice Alex shooting away (17 pictures total--finishing off the role of film). The camera is supposed to be returned to school tomorrow so other kids can have the opportunity to capture patterns on good old fashioned film. Crap.

My question: How in the world did Alex figure out how to wind a film camera in order to take 17 pictures?

And now I'm off to the store to purchase a new disposable camera and get cash to pay for developing the film.


Julene and Gabe said...

Wow that is impressive. I wonder what the pictures will be of!

HelloBridgett said...

Ha ha ha! Rory and I were laughing so hard when we read that. Hilarious.