Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Toaster is Better Than Yours (and Bridgett's)

This blog is dedicated to my husband.
Yes Bridgett, this toaster is even better than yours.
There was a time when Noah and I would laugh at the mere existence of a $400 toaster (the price has recently come down to $239, probably because no one was buying them), but no more. Why you may ask? Because today I purchased one. You're probably thinking, "wow, Noah and Kaila must either be really rich or Really stupid." Well, rich we may or may not be, Stupid . . . not today!
Today, the bargain gods shined down on me yet again and I got that blasted toaster for all of $5 in the non-working section at Down East Home (they are currently having a tent sale). I brought it home to Noah who had it working in 2.35 minutes.
If you too would like to have a toaster better than everyone else (including Bridgett), you can purchase yours here, but I'm afraid yours will cost more than mine did.


Monica said...

you crack me up. And I'm seriously impressed with your bargain luck.

whitney said...

Wow. It's not everyday you run into a toaster that looks like it could fly you to the moon.

You must be very close to the Bargain Gods...some people have all the luck ;)

Julie Weiss said...

so does it put the bread in for you and butter it after also?

Rob Young said...

That Noah of yours is pretty handy to have around, isn't he? :)

Julene and Gabe said...

It's good to have a husband who can fix things!