Monday, September 15, 2008

Noah's first blog post ever!

Kaila told me I had to post about my travels last week. I've never posted a blog before so let me know if I mess up. (Am I supposed to spell a lot of words incorrectly like everyone else?)

Last week I went to Japan (twice), Singapore (twice), Indonesia, and Malaysia. Here are a few points:

  • I like Singapore airlines, everyone gets their own tv, 80 movies on demand, and every 20 minutes they offer you food or drinks.
  • This was great because I spent 38 hours last week on a Singapore plane and another 4 on a Delta plane
  • Tylenol PM works great, I'm not sure the Indian guy appreciated me leaning on him for 7 hours though
  • At the Singapore airport they have a sign that says "Welcome to Singapore, Drug possession is punished by Death"
  • Everything is illegal in Singapore
  • Singapore is clean
  • Singapore is not a city in China, it's a real country (the country would fit in Utah Valley with room to spare). It is also basically one city
  • I climbed the second highest mountain in Singapore, more than 300'!
  • If the metal detector beeps on you in the security line in Indonesia, the guard will just wave you on without getting up from his seat
  • Indonesia is one of my favorite all time places
  • No, I didn't see the two tall buildings in Malaysia
  • No, I didn't see the tsunami in Indonesia
  • The final bill is always twice the advertised price in Singapore
  • Japan is pretty much the same as it was last time I was there
  • Kaila has NOT been to any of the countries I went to last week
  • I'm glad Kaila can handle the kids for a week
A few pictures

I ate almost all of this

A common house

3rd busiest port in the world

The entire country of Singapore is under construction.

A nice place to stay



Kaila said...

Note from Kaila: So Noah, have you ever been to England? How about Scottland? What's that, no? How about Russia, the Baltics, Finland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Venezuella? No? Oh, just checking.

Gretch said...

Oh the battering between you two...

So Noah great post, way to go! I loved hearing about your trip. That would be awesome to see everything that you did. I couldn't survive eating what you ate though. So you might be going to Scotland next month, lucky you!

Julene and Gabe said...

Yeah, I've never actually been out of the country... but I aspire to go to Canada some day. ;)

Anyway, sounds like a very eventful trip, glad you could come home safely to Kaila and kids!

The Wright's said...

I like the way you post Noah. Quite funny. Glad you had a nice trip - sounds like fun. Especially without children. Maybe Kaila and I oughta go somewhere without children and see how you and Jeff fare...

Kaila said...

Way to think Jen--lets do it. I'd like to go to Egypt, how about you? I also wouldn't mind Norway or something.

Henry Parents said...

I've been to Singapore, and I do agree it is insanely clean. I messed up out there because I kept cracking jokes about people (assuming no one spoke English) only to realize EVERYONE there speaks very good English. . . One of my favorite stupid American moments.

I have heard that spitting gum out on the sidewalk can land you in prison. I don't know if it is true, but I didn't risk it.

Kaila said...

When were you in Singapore and why were you there Adrea? Not to mention, why have I never heard of this?

Zachary said...

I vote that Noah should post more often!

Bruce Young said...

Great job, Noah! What did you like about Indonesia (or as a presidential candidate who once lived there sometimes says it, "In-do-NEEE-zhah")?