Monday, October 13, 2008

A Taste of Indiana Real Estate

Here are two of our favorite houses we're looking at in Indiana:

Noah's one request is that we have a three car garage in our next house (for a man who loves tools and projects, our current one-car carport has been near unbearable). And ya know, I kinda wana give the man what he wants--he's given me everything I've wanted, I mean have you seen my kitchen? It's "fricken awesome" as Alex would say (by the way, I hate the word "frick"--who ever taught him that has now lost speaking privileges around my kids).

House #1: This house has 2975 square feet, was built in 2004 and has 4 bedrooms.

Below is the kitchen (duh). Not great, but I can handle it for the cost: $169K--yeah. Beat that Utah. House #2: 4016 square feet, Tudor style (love that). Built in 1971. It has 4 bedrooms, a 3 car garage and . . . A POOL! Although to be quite honest, pools scare me (especially when they don't have a gate around them) I almost drown in one such pool twice as a child.
Cost of house #2: $245,000.

So are you moving to Indiana too now?


Henry Parents said...

Oh yeah. See all those Utah people have it wrong, Indiana is the promised land :)

Indiana, however, is NOT California, and anyone that owns a pool here is insane. Don't get the pool house, really. But you gotta love the housing prices, especially with this market.

Utah does have one up on us with IKEA, but we have Trader Joe's and that almost makes up for it.

Gretch said...

NICE! I like the first one-I'm with you, I don't think I would ever want a pool.
How fun to get a huge house for a really great price-just remember the bigger the house the more you have to clean...not so fun.

Mom said...

Tudor style! But definitely no on the pool.

Julene and Gabe said...

I would LOVE a pool! Public pools scare me, but I love to swim. I can't believe you could get all that for under 200k!

Zachary said...

Having just spent two years living WITH a pool...they are way more hassle than they are worth. The constant cleaning, chemical balancing, not to mention safety hazard and higher insurance costs.

When you compare it to how often it actually gets used...I ask often did you use your hot tub? :)

whitney said...

Ooo, love the houses! Yay for good housing markets! My vote is for the first one-you can't beat that price and size...actually, maybe in Indiana, you can.