Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why We Don't Have Cable or Dish

When Noah and I first got married, we were both in school and didn't want to make the financial sacrifice to pay for cable TV when we could barely afford food.

Enter firstborn, Gabby: Noah and I are still in school, we have one more mouth to feed, a house to finish fixing up, and a lack of money. Result: we spend a lot of time with family eating their food, and we still don't subscribe to TV.

Enter second-born, Alex: Noah has graduated and is making decent money (Kaila is still in school), and the house is finished. We still don't have cable or dish--why? Somewhere in its absence we realized that it was nice not having Gabby bombarded with advertisements (she still doesn't know what McDonald's is, to which I am proud). On top of that, at night when the TV could have gone on after a long grueling day, it didn't, which meant that Noah and I got to play a lot of Boggle. There are definitely times when we miss it, however hotel stays are so much more fun because TV is an added bonus. By the way, as of late I've discovered that television bores me. At one point, I had the option of watching TV or sitting in a quiet room with Oliver. I went for the quiet room.

Common questions (okay, not that common):

Q1. How do you watch conference? A. It's called the Internet.

Q2. What about "The Office?" A. Well, we used to have to wait for Noah's brother or sister to buy the season, however Rory let us in on this awesome website called Hulu that lets you see all of your favorite TV episodes just a day after they air--and it's legal! You really should check it out.

Q3. Don't you miss your kids telling you they HAVE to have a certain toy because they saw a commercial about it? A. No.

Q4. Aren't you worried that your kids will be labeled as "those weird kids whose parents don't let them watch TV?" A. We let them watch TV, we just make sure we don't get any reception. Also, we let them watch movies and thanks to friends, we're aware that Gabby HAS to know who Hanna Montana is (we've rented the "movie" which is really just a collection of episodes from the television show). And Gabby now has a Hanna Montana shirt so everyone at school knows she's with it.

Q5. What do you do with all the money that must be lying around since you don't have to pay the TV company? A. We fix up the house.

More questions? You may leave them in a comment.


Amelia said...

How did you guys get so dang cool?

Kaila said...

It takes a lot of effort--let me tell you!

rsheedy said...

I grew up without tv. It wasn't really intentional on my parents' part, but we always lived in the boonies and didn't get ANY reception. So I watched very little tv...and I'm really glad for that. I read a lot. I think I am better educated and more well-rounded as a result. Kids don't read enough anymore and consequently they lack basic writing skills. I think you are one smart mama!

Rupper Family said...

Good for you guys. We're working on an antenna so we can cancel the dish and I'm cancelling the cell phone too. (Although I can't stop the Netflix, not with winter on the way!) I'm doing it more for economic reasons though, because man oh man do I LOVE to veg in front of the tv!

whitney said...

We're all about the antenne (sp?) here. It's nice b/c I get PBS kids (w/their lack of commercials) and CBS, for my occasional CSI fix. I thought I could never live that way, but then I have and I've found out I kinda like it.