Thursday, January 22, 2009

Columbus Indiana...who knew?

We have a home (a rental), and now it even has Internet!

Since it's been a while, let me put your minds at ease by saying this--we're in love with our new town. Here are a few reasons why:

It just happens to be the mecca of child fun. Infact, Nick Jr. Family Magazine selected Columbus, Indiana as one of the ten most playful towns in America, for the quality of its park system, unique architecture and its cultural offerings for kids.

Columbus, Indiana is ranked 6th in the nation for architectural innovation and design by the American Institute of Architects

Smithsonian Magazine called Columbus a "veritable museum of modern architecture."


In the November/December 2008 edition of National Geographic Traveler, Columbus Indiana (city of 40,000 residents) is ranked 11th out of 109 historic destinations worldwide by National Geographic Society's Center for Sustainable Destinations. Columbus scored 78 points in the annual survey, placing it 11th on the list, higher than any other U.S. destination. Read about it here.

Needless to say, you should Definitely visit us!

A sampling of what we see every day:

This is our courthouse. Almost makes me want to go to court. . . almost.

This is our bridge (Noah has to go under it every day on his way to work)

We're all getting pretty sick of seeing these red birds EVERYWHERE

On a sad note, Alex has strep throat. Pardon me while I get back to being a mom. I'll post more tomorrow, maybe I'll even include a video with Oliver's new trick...
P.S. Gabby started school. Are you just aching to know if she likes it?

To be continued.

(Could there be a bigger cliff hanger?)


Gretch said...

Yay! You're getting settled. Columbus sounds awesome! I can't wait to visit. Sorry to hear that Alex is sick, no fun.

ML said...

Thanks for the update. Tell Alex to get well. Glad you're happy. Please hug Gabby, Oliver & Alex for me.

The Olsons said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun adventure. Can't wait to hear more from you guys!
By the way those red birds are called 'Cardinals'

Kaila said...

I know they're called Cardinals Olsons. I threw that comment in for my mom, it's her favorite bird and she's totally jealous.

Grandma Maggie said...

So true...

S+S said...

wow, your town sounds really cool.