Friday, October 06, 2006


I recently discovered these fun paints at the new children's museum in Salt Lake, which my kids and I loved! Even my one-year-old was completely beside himself with joy. The museum itself is a little pricey if you pay each time ($8.50 for Utah residents over age one; $9.50 for out of state) but relatively reasonable if you purchase a year membership, which I fully intend on doing. The museum itself can easily compete with any big city children's museum. It's over 30,000 feet and they are currently adding an additional 10,000 feet. Utah, what took so long?

Back to the Do-A-Dot paints--I'm always looking for easy clean up/ low maintenance crafts for my daughter and I loved these. They are available at any specialty toy store, or here.


Kako said...

So far I haven't been mentioned in any of your blogs, though I distinctly remember being a part of both the cups and the do-a-dots. Please give credit where credit is due.

Factotum said...

You're absolutely right--without Kako, I would be no where; I would have no cups, and no free pass to the children's museum, Thanks Kako, I won't be so careless next time!